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What The Heck Is A GFCI?

One common theme that you hear when it comes to electrical safety in your home or place of business is ground fault protection.  A GFCI is a device that provides this protection.  The acronym GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit... Continue Reading →

3 Big Problems With Christmas Lights!

It's that time of year again where everyone is wrapping their houses and Christmas trees with lights and decorations.  While the typical person may see the beauty in exterior illumination, as an electrician I see a home wrapped in deadly... Continue Reading →

Adding a New Trade

It is a big year at Hollis Electrical Service!  We are adding an entirely new trade to our service offerings.  We are now fully licensed Conditioned Air contractors, non-restricted in the state of Georgia.  With this new offering, it became... Continue Reading →

Should Employees Change Light Bulbs?

One would think that there aren't too many things in life that are more simple than changing a light bulb.  But I have seen some things this past year that make me question that logic, especially when it comes to... Continue Reading →

5 Common Electrical Problems I Find

Hollis Electrical Service is primarily a service company, even though we do sometimes engage in other electrical jobs such as rewires, remodels, and some new installations.  But since we focus on service calls, I thought I would list 5 of... Continue Reading →

A Halloween Trick

I received a call this past Halloween morning (2016) from a gentleman who manages rental properties.  He said he had an issue with his main power and wanted to know if I could stop by and give him a price... Continue Reading →

Home Inspection Repairs

By Tracy Hollis One of the many services we offer at Hollis Electrical Service is correcting electrical problems that home inspectors often find while doing an inspection for a home buyer or seller or for real estate agents and property... Continue Reading →

“How much for …?”

I get calls all the time from customers asking "How much for this, or that?".  Every time I give a price over the phone, I end up getting bit.  It may seem simple, but there is usually a lot more... Continue Reading →

Kroger Pole Lights

For my first project report, I thought I would share the Kroger pole light job we recently finished.  This project wasn't anything exceptionally exciting, but it did have its challenges.  I have repaired pole lights in the past, but I... Continue Reading →

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